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Concentrated Scent Oils

Not tested on animals.

Country of origin: EU

 Essence or fragrance (fragrance concentrate) is used to give the products an appropriate fragrance. It is mostly used in cosmetic products, aromatherapy, in the production of aromatic candles, car fragrances, etc. It should be noted that the essence is concentrated and has a strong smell, which may sensitize the sense of smell, change the perception of the smell, and the pleasantness, so it is recommended not to multiply it.


Fragrance concentrates or fragrance essences are mixtures of various compounds that have a certain smell or aroma. In other words, they are scents or fragrances. A single scent can consist of 20-50 different compounds, which is why there are so many different scents. Most fragrances are insoluble or sparingly soluble in water, requiring additional ingredients to enhance mixing and solubility

Wild Strawberry

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